me playin M.U.G.E.N

2008-07-28 11:34:18 by kewlNESS

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its kinda slow but my instrumentalZ make up for it...hehe


2008-02-20 18:57:14 by kewlNESS

tha world needs to chill

birds and the beeZ

2008-02-19 18:50:51 by kewlNESS

Listen...A wise man once once told me about the birds and the bees.But what he failed to mention is how to get to that point.It's true that girls are more advanced than boys for the simple fact that girls feel emotions faster than boys (if they have the right mentality,not some young ass chick claimin to love someone)and this is one of the reasons why alot of women turn lesbian...only because the boy that they are with is making them feel things that have similar symptoms to love(I call it strong,but generic affection) and the boy isnt feeling the symptoms as hard and therefore basically takes advantage fucks the girl and fucks her over...then she starts the single scene with a bad foot because of 3 things...1. the feelings the boy demolished resulting in the "fear of getting hurt again". 2.the appearance of the girl.(some girls tend to let go from the stress and dont feel comfortable around the opposite sex because they think they are unattractive...)....and finally 3.the most important thing of all THE GIRLFRIENDS THAT LEAD THEM ON TO BELIEVE THAT EVERY MAN IS GONNA FUCK THEM OVER!!!!! nobody likes negativity and alot of women dont give chances again...(sorta like impulsive buying) making a choice whithout thinking twice....but getting back to the birds and bees thing....we as a society (like ages around late teens to late 20's) are more sex hungry than ever.....I AM A VICTIM...But to set the record straight the new guys on the block talk the game that are clever and witty....not sincere and confident.....Me though im the most confident guy you'll ever meet simply for the fact that im not scared of rejection....i've been getting rejected for 14 used to it...if you learn how to express your feelings towards a woman in a non-pervertion inspired way than its doesn't matter how you look,how much you weigh,or your age......older especially...ima leave you guys with this though.....CONFIDENCE IS THE KEY.....dont let our women change their ways beacuse of your mistakes......keep it smooth.....and god bless...

birds and the beeZ